All Pets Veterinary Hospital aims to provide the highest standards of care to all patients, at every life-stage

vet careAs our pets age their needs change and with this in mind, we have developed our After Eights Club! All dogs over eight years old and cats over ten years old are invited to attend a FREE Senior Health Check with one of our veterinary nurses, contact us to arrange this. At your visit we will conduct a physical examination of your pet, from top to toe.

We will also check blood pressure and test a urine sample. For certain breeds of dog we will also test eyes to ensure adequate tear production. Dietary needs will be discussed, along with any question or concerns you may have about caring for your older pet.

vetIf your pet is turning eight years old this month (or ten for cats) according to our records, you can expect a letter inviting you to attend. But ALL pets over these ages are welcome, so feel free to phone the clinic if you wish to book an appointment. If you have a dog please bring a fresh urine sample in a clean dry container if possible. We will collect a sample directly from cats at their visit.

If any problems are detected at your visit (for example any abnormalities in the urine, lumps, or dental disease), your nurse may recommend further action be taken.

This may include screening blood tests or dental/surgical procedures.
You will receive a 10% discount on any treatment recommended as a result of your senior health check.
We look forward to meeting you and your pet soon!