Nursing clinics are a free service provided during clinic times (by appointment only).

Among the complimentary Nurse Services are:Clinical Exam

  • Weight Clinics:

    Regular weight checks, advice and monitoring programme
    aimed at achieving the correct and healthy weight of your pet.

  • Six month Puppy/Kitten Checks:

    One to one consultation when your pet is six months old to monitor their development and discuss important issues relevant to their health such as feeding, flea/worm control, neutering, behaviour etc. We also offer all the information you need to know when you adopt a new puppy or Kitten.

  • Puppy Parties:

    Regular puppy parties available to vaccinated pups between 10 and 16 weeks as part of their socialisation programme.

  • Senior /Geriatric Clinics:

    We run senior/geriatric clinics to identify preventative health care aspects for animals over 7 years. The complimentary nurse check includes ECG,blood pressure monitoring and urine analysis.

  • Behaviour Advice

  • Pet Insurance Information

    View the pet insurance page.

  • Pet Passport Information

    Contact any of the team on 041 981 00000 or email to discuss any of the above services.