We are lucky at Allpets to have two consultant veterinary ultrasonagraphers who visit us on a regular basis. This allows us to provide specialist ultrasound facilities comparable to those available in a human hospital.

One of the most common reasons for an advanced ultrasound scan is the investigation of heart murmurs/disease. Many measurements are taken of the heart and also blood flow through the heart chambers and valves can be measured accurately using Doppler ultrasound. This can help diagnose heart conditions and provide better treatment options.

Also through this service we have the ability to take ultrasound-guided biopsies from organs such as the liver, spleen etc. to help diagnose conditions without invasive surgery. Previously many of these samples would have had to be taken by performing surgery.

Advanced scans of the abdomen can also be useful in the diagnosis of more difficult conditions such as pancreatitis, diseases of the adrenal glands etc. The ultrasonographer then reports the results of the scan directly to the vet dealing with your pet.

advanced ultrasound