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Laura McKay

Veterinary Nurse

Laura McKay - Veterinary Nurse
Laura McKay RVN, Ncert(A&CC), Ncert(E&CC) Veterinary Nurse

Laura graduated from UCD in 2009 and overall has worked in veterinary practice over 16 years.

Her experience includes general practice and emergency practice prior to moving to the UK in 2011, where she worked in specialist referral practice until 2018.

Laura’s experience includes: working in areas of cancer, neurology, orthopaedics and critical care and nurse training. She gained further qualifications in anaesthesia and critical care in the UK and hopes to complete a Masters in advanced Anaesthesia and Analesia in the future.

The areas of nursing she is most passionate about are pain management, emergency medicine, critical care and ethics. She enjoys mentoring junior nurses and is a fantastic and passionate teacher. Laura joined the Allpets team in January 2019.